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Making career search faster, better, smarter.

We help people hire and get hired all over the world.

As the world’s #1 employment domain, over 500 million job seekers from over 150 different countries visit a .jobs website. The .jobs top level domain and are helping job seekers and employers connect through innovative technology and relentless passion. The team starts everyday knowing that millions of job seekers count on us to provide them with resources to find meaningful work.

Our teams help companies of all sizes hire the best talent and provide job seekers with exceptional career search and resources to get hired.

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Our Story

Early on we saw the value in top level domains (TLDs). When the opportunity to obtain a TLD focused on employment and career search presented itself, we seized it. Our goal from the beginning was to aid the nearly 87% of people looking for employment and do it in a meaningful way. We accomplish this through the constant development of .jobs domains, advanced job seeker solutions and talent acquisition focused offerings. Currently we drive more than 500 million visits across .jobs websites and service 200+ clients.

Our team recognized the need to develop an industry-leading career search solution for job seekers. With 30% of the global workforce actively seeking a job change, we set out to develop a unique solution. To service this need we launched Our flagship .jobs property utilizes ElasticSearch and the Google Job Discovery API to surpass current career search mechanisms. This is backed by millions of open positions available to job seekers at any point in time.

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Our Technology

We submitted our application for the .jobs TLD in 2004, it was installed in the DNS root in 2005. At the time it was one of a handful of TLDs, now there are over a thousand. We served as a blueprint for hundreds of other entities who became registries over the next 10 years. marks the next evolution of our dedication to technological advancements for talent acquisition professionals and job seekers. We utilize artificial intelligence, proprietary technology, and strategic partner to power our career search and the .jobs network..

We are proud of our history as innovators and promise to continue innovating on behalf of job seekers and talent acquisition professionals around the globe.

Bringing smart search
to job search. AI-powered search reduces the time it takes to find relevant open positions. Standard job searches list irrelevant positions, wasting time that could be spent applying and interviewing. Our AI-powered search increases relevancy and saves job seekers' and employers' valuable time.


Keyword Match

Search for job title, results are exact matches of keywords.

Jargon Recognition

Rec & Asset Prot "Recovery and Asset Protection Manager"

Spelling Correction

Bartendar "Bartender"

Concept Recognition

Understanding server can be both waitstaff or computer server

Title Detection

Dental Assistant vs. Assistant jobs with dental benefits

Query Broadening

Automatically expand results to similarly-suitable positions

Employer Recognition

"YouTube" returns jobs at YouTube rather than a job with "YouTube" in the description

Job Enrichment

Enriching a job with full set of skills

Advanced Location Mapping

Street-level address mapping

Location Expansion

Expands on location in the event of no results

Seniority Alignment

Admin assistant jobs Vice president position with a reporting admin assitant

8 Million+ Open Positions

Constantly-refreshed open positions remove filled positions from search results.

About .jobs

We own .jobs. Literally.

The parent company of .jobs and, Employ Media, LLC is the licensed operator of the .jobs TLD on the internet.

The primary business of Employ Media, LLC is the sale of domain name registrations ending in .jobs. Domain name registrations are used as the URL or a website (i.e.
To use a .jobs URL on the internet, a domain name must first be purchased and registered into our database. A .jobs name can be purchased / registered from any of our participating registrars from anywhere in the world. Our approach to registrations of .jobs domains is unique, we manually review and authorize every application to make sure the use of all .jobs domains abides with our ethics guidelines that focus on aiding job seekers.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people with the right job at the right time. We will make it easy and effective to search, apply, and hire.

By connecting people with right opportunities at the right time, we can reduce downtime between jobs and increase quality of fit for employment satisfaction.

We are dedicated to changing the way people hire and get hired.