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3029 Prospect Avenue East

Cleveland, OH 44115
Submitted by admin on Sun, 06/10/2018 - 20:30

DevOps Engineer |

Salary Range: 75-110K | Location: Midtown - Cleveland, OH | Status: Fulltime


The people we hire.

Our team is comprised of talented, passionate people from diverse backgrounds. We grow our team by finding individuals that share our enthusiasm of helping others find work. The people we hire have the ability to collaborate across departments to create an amazing experience for job seekers, recruiters and employers.

The team.

The development team creates world class software using cutting edge technologies in a fast paced agile environment. Our goal is to create a global system that links the correct individual to the correct position. Every year more than 500 million people visit a .JOBS domain trusting our software to provide them with their next career milestone or qualified applicant. These individuals count on our team to help them find relevant open positions, publish their resumes, process their job applications and connect companies and job seekers.

The job.

The DevOps Engineer at Find.Jobs is in charge of making sure the business is built on a stable foundation. The DevOps engineer will work within Kubernetes to manage the  orchestration, monitoring and deployment of the entire .Jobs codebase. They will work hand in hand with the developers to ensure that new applications that are developed meet the requirements to be deployed across our system of over 35,000+ domains. The DevOps engineer will also help manage the rollout of new domains and ensuring that all sites keep optimal uptime during deployments and maintenance windows.


Who you are.


  • Produce exceptional quality code that is on time and tested.
  • Create documentation for architecture and procedures related to the infrastructure of the system.
  • Introduce new technologies to better accomplish goals.
  • Use validated learning to test the effectiveness of newly implemented systems and procedures.
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to other DevOps engineers.
  • Contribute innovative ideas that match the overall company vision.
  • Hold Scrum and Development meetings.
  • Collaborate with development and product.


  • 3+ years of experience within a software engineering or infrastructure role.
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes is a must.
  • Mastery of the python language is a definite plus.
  • Knowledge of Docker and Ansible is also a plus.
  • Extensive experience with relational database (MySQL) and Non-Relational (Elastic) Data-storage solutions.
  • Full-stack development experience.
  • The ability to learn new concepts and languages quickly.
  • Experience with Drupal and PHP is a plus.
  • Clear and effective communication skill, both verbal and written.
  • A passion for teaching, providing help and instruction to members of the team.
  • You like Game of Thrones. (just kidding, not a requirement but a plus!)