Resume Tips


Resume Tips

Resumes are a crucial part of anybody’s job search.  It is often the only piece of content someone gets to see before deciding whether or not to proceed with an interview.  It is the first impression, and often the only impression.  For this reason exactly, you need to make sure you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to your resume. Here are our resume tips. 

Resume Tip #1 - Choosing the best format for Resume

There are several different types of resumes out there, and you should pick a format that will give you an advantage.  Resumes range anywhere from the standard black and white one-pagers that highlight career facts, all the way to creative resumes that give insight to a candidate’s design and artistic ability.  You must tailor your resume format for the type of job you are looking for.  If you are seeking an office job, then it is best to play it safe with a standard format.  If you are seeking a design or UI/UX role, then the hiring managers might care more about the design and feel, since it might reflect on your ability to execute on the job.  Your resume should never exceed a single page.  If you are struggling to fit it to one page, you might have to get creative with formatting, or even exclude some pieces of information.  Only include the more important information that will contribute towards landing a job.  For the most part, resume templates found online have good formatting.  You just need to choose the best template for what you are trying to accomplish.

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Resume Tips

Resume Tip #2 - Small format tweaks

All resume formats have the same general format, consisting of headers, bullet points, and sections.  It is important to leverage these aspects of a resume to your advantage.  An easy resume tip is to utilize headers and styling to emphasize important pieces of your resume.  If the company or job role you had in the past was particularly impressive, make sure you are bolding the company name and italicizing your title.  Bolding and italicizing draw extra attention, so you want to make sure that extra attention is being drawn to important parts of your resume.  If the company or job title you had are not reputable, refrain from bringing more attention to them.  This makes it so more attention will be given to your job duties and the skills developed.  You always want to use bullet points in the description of your work experience.  Do not include any fluff, get straight to the point about the skills developed and your great responsibilities.

Resume Tip #3 - Strategic Keyword Picking

You need to think about your resume from the perspective of the person who will be reading it.  Often, your resume isn’t even read by a real person.  Instead, it is just ran through a keyword parser to see if you are a match.  This is why it is so important to include the right keywords in your resume.  You can often speculate about what the person reading your resume will be looking for, and include those words accordingly.  If you are struggling to determine what those words are, you can just take a look at the actual job description.  Job descriptions will often have sections titled “qualifications” and “responsibilities”.  These sections can give insight as to what words the hiring managers are looking for.  This is particularly true for software developers, where hiring is very specific towards their specialization and languages mastered.

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Resume Tip #4 - Have Friends Look Over Your Resume

Your friends and coworkers can be a great resource for making critiques about your resume.  Resume tips from others are great. They will tell you what stands out to them from an outsider’s perspective.  It can often be a little daunting to tell your friends and family that you need some help from them in your job search.  You never know when their feedback will make the difference between getting an interview or not.  For this reason, there are a lot of benefits to asking for help.  The more feedback you can receive on your resume, the better off you are in your job search.  If you don’t have any friends or coworkers you can reach out to, you can also find several paid services online that will review and modify your resume.

We live in a competitive job market.  If your resume is not up to speed with others, you will be left in the dust when it comes to the hiring process.  Hiring managers are known to get very picky about the resumes they review.  Many admit that even a spelling, punctuation, or formatting error is enough for them to completely dismiss a resume.  The resume revision process may seem futile and a waste of time, but it completely deserves several hours of work.  Your resume is your first impression.  Make sure you make a great first impression.


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