Ethics Guidelines

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Since the launch of the .jobs top level domain (TLD) in 2005 we knew every domain sold needed to aid job seekers. In order to validate that every domain was in fact assisting the job seeker we created an authorization process for purchase. 
Without interrupting the purchase of a domain we implemented a process in which every purchaser of a .jobs domain is in support of the SHRM code of ethics. The SHRM code of ethics accurately embodied our vision on how organizations and persons purchasing a .jobs domain should utilize the domain they buy. To this day we still manually authorize every purchase of a .jobs domain. This has led to the .jobs domain highlighted  as one of the safest TLDs on the internet, ranking only below .mil. The .mil top level domain is the official domain of the United States Department of Defense and its subsidiary or affiliated organizations. 

Man reading paper about ethics is no exception to the rule. At our core we are a talent acquisition technology company. Every day our team comes into the office knowing that millions of job seekers are counting on our technology, research and development teams to help them find jobs. Our passion for the job seeker is also leading our team’s development on our for employers offering.

Keeping the same spirit and enthusiasm we had during the launch of the .jobs TLD and, for employers will offer a unique solution set for employers, recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. This toolset slated for a mid-2018 release continues to have the job seeker and employer benefit at its core. The goal of this offering is much like the goal we had during the launch of .jobs and Improve the technology available to job seekers and employers and allow them to find one another when the time is right. 

Our team is dedicated to our mission and responsibility to our customers and every job seeker. 
For additional information on Employ Media, LLC ethics guidelines and general information about purchasing a .jobs TLD, head over to our about us page

For more information on our upcoming employer offering visit our services page.
For job seeker and hiring resources visit our resources page

We are glad to bring our passion for job seekers to the forefront with We can’t wait to show you what’s next. 


- The team

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