Find A Job Near You With These Simple Guidelines

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It can be tricky to find a job near you. Maybe you don't know how to network, or you feel like you have no experience. You may be thinking, "There are no jobs hiring near me that I'm a good fit for." Maybe you just think your area is limited.

But don't give up! With an open mind and a little research, you can find a job now that you didn't even know existed a day ago. Just follow this advice, and you'll be well on your way to a new career.

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1. Learn your area ...from your computer

To find a job near you, you're going to want to know what all jobs are available to you. We'll get to the big job sites. But you may not know all of the local job listings that are just a few clicks away.


The most famous website for local postings is Craigslist, and you can find a great variety of job listings. Full time, part time, walk in jobs near you are all here, from a lot of different places. You can organize results by city, so it's easy to narrow down your search.


But that shouldn't be the only place you look. A similar site called Geebo should also be on your list of websites to hit up for local listings. Joining the social network Nextdoor may give you inside access to community goings-on and job listings. Careeronestop can lead you to the websites of local job centers, which have their own sets of resources. And ChamberofCommerce has lists of jobs, especially from small businesses, in your area.


You should absolutely hop on social media to make connections, too. At the very least, you should start by joining some groups.LinkedIn should be one of your stops for making connections; many people are on it. Joining some local groups on MeetUp is also a great way to start talking to people in a more casual way. And combining the two is LinkedinLocally, which finds professional meet-up events. You should also look for groups on Facebook to join, and if a specific business or venture interests you, see if they have a Twitter or Instagram that you can follow. You never know who's going to notice you going the extra mile.


2. Learn your area going out

Once you know the local scene (and some people), it's time to try to find a job near you. Or, first, find a job FAIR near you. There are a couple places to find such listings. The US Job Fair Directory has a great overview, and National Career Fairs pretty consistently have something coming up. And definitely check local sources like the job centers described above!


Another underestimated source for work? Newspapers. Look for listings in your local paper, or see if your newspaper's website has anything to offer. A lot of people still put value in papers.


Other than that, just try to get out there as much as possible. Go to MeetUps or other events put on by the groups you've joined. If there's a specific industry or place you're trying to get into, see what they have going on. To find a job near you, you're may need to go find it in person!


As a side note: If you're looking for jobs local to somewhere you're planning on moving, all of this advice still applies, but you'll definitely have a leg-up if you actually get there and establish yourself. Don't underestimate the power of a personal appearance!


3. Learn your area ...through international resources

Right about now, you may be thinking, "I'm ready to look for jobs near me." But you might also be thinking, "What if there aren't that many local resources?"


While local listings will probably have the most "inside" information, you should still use broader job-finding tools. Is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for a new career, and our technological advantages will give you the upper hand in landing that new position. 


To see a more personal account of what jobs are like near you, there are definitely options. LinkedIn's social feed is a convenient way to see what people are active and happy in their work. 


One network you may not have thought of that can have a huge impact on your search is your Alumni Association. Get back in touch; you may be surprised who is in your area, or what connections people have that may help your search. If nothing else, it will be good for them to have your information going forward.


4. Go find a job near you!

So far, we've turned "What are different jobs near me?" and "Are there jobs hiring near me?" into questions with hard answers. Now it's up to you to put yourself out there, make appearances at social events, and get your resume in hiring staff's hands.


Whether you're looking for full time, part time, or walk in jobs, with plenty of or no experience, we're confident that you should be able to find options you're happy with by using the resources above. And remember, all the general advice about job hunting still apply. So don't forget how to be polite, professional, and make others' lives easier.


Now open those links, make those connections, get out your door, and go find a job near you!



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