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Does my resume have to be one page?


One Page Resume: 

Everyone has heard that a simple resume should be one page. However, once you start creating the document you might find it difficult to summarize your experiences in a single page. This is where you ask yourself, does my resume really have to be one page?

We’ve gone ahead and asked several recruiters this same question on your behalf. For the most part, it is alright to have a resume that is longer than one page. However, there are recruiters out there that won’t even consider a resume if it is two or more pages. This is more common with positions that get hundreds of applications. The recruiters or hiring managers don’t want to spend the time on a resume if it is not succinct.



This being said, it can be fine to have a resume longer than a single page. However, the safest bet is to trim the resume down to one page so that it does not get automatically get thrown out by those pickier recruiters. This is just one job search optimization technique. Use this along with other strategies to improve your visibility with hiring organizations.


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Do you need a one page resume?

If you’ve decided to try and squeeze your experience into a one page resume, we have some tips to help you do so. First of all, you can try using a smaller font. This will decrease your vertical and horizontal spacing, allowing for more text on a page. You can even decrease your line spacing. Many word processors default to 1.5, so bringing that down to 1 should offer up a lot of extra space. Second, you can try to decrease your horizontal and vertical margins on your document. Lastly, you can remove pieces that are less relevant to the job you are applying for. If your resume includes outdated information or work experience in unrelated fields, taking them out can actually help draw more attention to the relevant parts.

We hope these tips helped and good luck on your job search!