4 Best Entry Level Jobs for Recent College Grads

4 Best Entry Level Jobs for Recent College Grads

As a recent college grad looking for an entry level job, it’s time to get serious about your job search. Some 60 to 70 percent of college grads don’t know where they fit in the workforce, and that may hold them back from a lucrative career path. Here are four industries with entry level jobs to consider.

1. Entry Level IT Jobs
In a world that’s increasingly reliant on digital technology, an entry level IT job may make sense for computer science or software engineering majors. Companies developing business software, apps on mobile devices or cloud-based services need workers who are comfortable with technology and can communicate well.
As many experienced software engineers will tell you, working an entry level IT job is about more than just staring at a computer screen: working and communicating with others is important too.
An entry level IT specialist can expect to make between $31k and $70k a year, according to PayScale, depending on job type and location.


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2. Entry Level Insurance Claims Adjusting
Individuals who are strong problem solvers with excellent customer service skills may find this career track rewarding. College graduates can succeed in this field with any four-year degree.
Popular areas in insurance claims include:
Worker’s compensation
Auto insurance
Property insurance
The good news is that 25 percent of the industry is retiring by the end of 2018, so job opportunities should be plentiful.

3. Entry Level Data Analytics Jobs
College grads with majors in math, economics or the sciences may want to consider a career in this area. It’s ripe with opportunity in many industries for people who enjoy analyzing data and spotting trends. Industries with data analytics opportunities include:
Professional and scientific services
Health care

4. Entry Level Marketing Jobs
Sales job opportunities and customer service reps make up a host of entry level marketing jobs available for college graduates. Business-to-business sales in particular offer excellent opportunities in terms of income and career path. Key skills include ability to manage and resolve conflicts, general problem solving and relationship building.

When you take the time to search for jobs in these areas, you can find an appropriate entry level job in an industry you’re interested in and use it as a jumping-off point for building a solid career path.