How to Write a Follow Up Email After a Job Interview

You have already sent in your application and you were accepted for an interview.  Congratulations!  It took a lot of hard work to put together a resume, submit an application, and prepare for a job interview.  It is very important to not throw away all of this effort by failing to follow up with your interviewer.  You should generally send a follow up email within a business day of your interview.

This is especially important for young professionals who might not have had a lot of exposure to what goes into these follow up emails.  pve created general guidelines to combat the confusion around follow up emails.  Most first round interviews can be followed up with a 3 paragraph format


Start by thanking your interviewer for taking the time to interview you.  Make sure to restate the position for which you are applying.  Employers are often hiring for several different positions simultaneously, so repeating this helps them and makes you seem more organized and prepared.  Make sure to keep this section genuine.  Your interviewer will see right through your email if you are overly appreciative and you risk being perceived as being disingenuous.



Application Strengtheners

The second paragraph is where you have a lot of freedom to strengthen your job application.  This is the part where it is appropriate for you to add things that you may have forgotten to mention during your interview.  If there was a part where you were stumped, you can use this paragraph to clarify your position.  For example, if an interviewer brought up a tool that you are not familiar with, this is a great opportunity to tell them that you researched that tool immediately after your interview.  This shows great initiative, which is a highly sought-after trait for an employee.


The end of your follow up email should wrap things up and hint at the next steps in the interview process.  You should make yourself available for any additional questions or clarifications your interviewer may have.  You can also give them additional contact information such as a phone number in case they do not have it already.

Sending the follow up email

ps about it when it comes to follow up emails.  The intricacies of this email vary depending on industry and position, but this is a good general guideline.  You should always use your gut feeling after an interview as far as deciding how formal your follow up should be.  This simple step can really go a long way to improving your job application and will increase your chance at getting the job!



Bonus Tip:  You should send your follow up emails from a professional-looking email address.  This email address should just state your name, no interests or random numbers.  We encourage you to create a new email address if you don't have one you can use.  You can create on for free by heading over to gmail!