How Certifications Can Improve Your Resume


Resume Certifications


The job market is highly competitive right now.  It can be difficult for a candidate to stick out or seem more fit for a position.  Especially when there are hundreds of other candidates with the same skillset. One easy way to stick out and increase your earning potential is through certifications.  Certifications are often free and quick to obtain depending on your industry.


Resume Certifications are proof of knowledge

If you are familiar with a topic or possess a skill, it might be wise to go ahead and receive a certification anyways.  While it may seem redundant, it can help employers know that you are capable of performing under their requirements. For example, most people have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel, and many jobs have it as a requirement.  Obtaining a certification on excel usage from Lynda can give employers confidence that you know the subject.


Certifications can help you learn new things

If you lack professional experience or if you’re looking to change careers drastically, certifications can be a great way to get caught up. They serve as a great introduction to new topics of interest. There are resume certifications on nearly every topic online, ranging from first aid to photography.  Not only are they great for employment, but they can be a great introduction into new hobbies.


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Resume Certifications - Boost Your Resume with Certifications


Certifications Help Employers Find You

There are several instances where people come up in search.  Sometimes your resume is in some large resume database, and employers search for people with certain certifications in these databases.  Mentioning the certification in your resume will increase your chances of being a top result when these queries are made. People are also often searched on LinkedIn.  Linkedin profiles can have a small “certifications” section near the bottom. Contributing to this section will help you appear at the top of the search results in this area.  Having an optimized LinkedIn profile greatly helps people find you.



If you’re looking to improve your job applications, you should strongly consider getting some relevant certifications.  They can be very valuable in increasing your employability as well as teaching you new skills. Check out our resource of overall resume tips to create an amazing resume that gets attention.