How to Dress for a Job interview

Interview Attire:

So you've scored an onsite interview for a company you'd like to work for. You're ready to rock the interview, but they ask for you to come in "business formal". When it comes to wearing a suit for business interview attire, there are several small details to look out for.

The cost and quality of a suit does not actually matter all that much. Fit and color are much more important than quality. For interviews and business, you generally want to avoid wearing black suits. Black suits are typically reserved for weddings and funerals. For an interview, a gray or navy blue would do well. If you have both colors in your closet, gray is your introduction suit for first interviews and navy blue is your power suit for later rounds.

When it comes to wearing the suit or other interview attire, never button your bottom button. This is a dead giveaway that you're not used to wearing suits. Your belt should also match your shoes very closely. Your dress shirt should be a light color. Avoid black, dark, or bright colors and patterns. Also make sure to be well-groomed. Shave or trim any facial hair or anything that may be unprofessional.

Now that you know how to dress. Learn how to optimize your job search to score more interviews.