How to Find a Job in a Different City

Find a job in a new city.

Are the opportunities you’re looking for not available in your region?  You might be looking to relocate and find a job in a different city, state, or even country.  It is scary to move to a new region without securing employment first.  However, you might encounter a lot of resistance regarding relocating.  Employers prefer local talent, as they’re less likely to reject an offer and it is easier to meet them face to face.  This being said, here are some tips and tricks to receive job offers in a different city.

Prepare Reasons for Relocation

When applying for a job in a different city hiring managers will quickly ask you regarding your desire to relocate to their city.  They want to identify whether or not you’re serious about making the move.  Prepare your compelling reasons to move to the new city.  An answer like “I’ve never been there but it seems cool” will probably not please most hiring managers.  Mentioning that moving away from your current location and into a new one is part of your 5 year plan, and how that city has better opportunities for your skills and interests.  If you have friends and family in the city, mention that too, as it strengthens your roots in the city and gives your hiring manager more confidence about your willingness to relocate.

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Job In a Different City

Master the Video Interview

If you’re applying for a job in a different city, most of your interviews will be over the phone or over video.  This being said, it is important to know how to do well over video.  In order to rock a video interview, you want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.  There are 2 main parts of a video interview.  The first is communication quality, and the second is preparation.

Optimizing Video Call Quality

Between laptops and cellphones, you probably own a couple of devices capable of video calls.  Test them to see if the video and audio is working, and assess which would be best for the interview.  Lighting is absolutely crucial for good video quality.  Frequently, graininess comes from poor lighting in video.  Try setting a light source behind the camera pointing towards you. During the daytime, an excellent source of light is a window.  Prior to the interview, test different angles all around your room.

Video quality will also go down significantly if you have a poor internet connection.  Make sure to test your connection prior to an interview.  If the internet at your residence is unreliable, try other venues such as public libraries. When looking for a job in a different city video interviews are common, be comfortable with them. 

Preparing for a Video Interview

Preparing for a video interview is very similar to preparing for an interview in person.  The main difference and advantage is that you can bring notes and your interviewer will not be able to tell!  If you are doing your job interview from your laptop, you can type up some notes on a word document.  The interviewer cannot see your screen, so you can read without them knowing.  Another perk is that you only have to dress the clothing that is visible from the webcam. You still need to wear a nice shirt and do your hair, but you can do whatever you want when it comes to pants and shoes.  You can do your interviews in sweatpants and slippers if that makes you more comfortable.

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Pretending to be a Local

If you are receiving a lot of concerns about relocating to the city, you could just fake your residence.  If you have friends that live in town, ask if you can borrow their address. There are a lot of hiring managers and recruiters that do want candidates looking for a job in a different city. You can also get a free google phone number to use on your resume so that you have a local area code.  With a local address and phone number, you should come off as a local applicant.  The only concern with doing is that you may be called in for a job interview in person.  If you go with this route, you should be ready to travel to that city on a short notice or come up with a good excuse to delay.

Just Move Anyways

Sometimes finding a job in a different city is more difficult when you are remote. The final option is to just move to your desired city and start your job search after you have arrived.  The only problems with that is that you’re not exactly sure where your office will be, so your new apartment or house may be in a suboptimal location.  Especially with large cities such as Los Angeles.  Another potential problem is an increased cost of living in a larger city while unemployed.  You burn rate will decrease and you need to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Make sure to read our career time saving tips. They will help you be more efficient while searching leaving you more time to explore your new home.