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We put together a calendar of the best HR conferences happening in 2018.
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Convince Your Boss



Trade shows and conferences can be extremely valuable. They offer insight into the latest trends, technology and theories while providing a great networking experience. Shows also get you away from your desk and into an environment with other people passionate about the same things you are.

All of that said your manager may just see shows as wasted time and money. If you manager believes that conferences are just a way for you to get away from your work and get paid - you will have to prove otherwise. Here is our guide on how to prove they are not and show the value of your attending.


1.Make your case with data


The wall street journal states that employees have a higher likelihood of persuading their bosses by using data and clear projections.


Start by clearly laying out the following:


  • Conference Name

  • Conference Date and Location

  • Total cost (make sure to include travel, food, liesure)

  • Why you should attend (and why it is relevant to a current goal)

  • Impact on your workload (how this will impact deadlines and goals you have)

  • Key activities (what are the main activities at the show)

  • Key speakers

  • What competitors will be attending

  • What vendors / partners will be attending


2. Turn your data collection into a presentation:


Take all of that data and place it into a presentation deck. An email and letter may work but when placed into a presentation, it becomes clear to your manager you put time and focus into it. Even if the presentation takes the same time as writing an email, the delivery of a presentation generally holds more weight.

*Pro Tip - make sure to include how you will engage with your team or company once you get back.


3. Create advocates in the office:


Talk with your peers about the desire and need to attend the conference. Discuss with them that you have asked for approval and created a presentation documenting why you want to go. Share the deck with them and ask them if they would find it beneficial for you to gather information to present when you come back.

If your presentation is good and the conference is aligned with your companies objectives you should make conference advocates quickly. You can then ask these advocates to bring up the conference in the next team meeting. Requesting that a member of the team attend to bring back valuable information.  You may also find yourself a show partner and go together.





Interested in learning more about our services and how we help employers?Book a meeting with our partnership team