Job Hunting Quick Tips

Job Hunting Tips

Job hunting can be a long and tiring experience.  However, it does not have to be as hard as it seems.  Small changes can have large impacts on a job hunter’s results.  We’ve talked to countless recruiters asking for their advice for job seekers, and identified the top five tips to improve job hunting performance.  These tips should be fairly transferable from one industry to another.  Hopefully you can go through the list and adapt a couple of these tips on your own personal search.

Job Hunting Tips: #1 - Use Online Job Sites.

Generally, online job sites have a pretty low success rate.  However, they make up for the success rate in ease of use.  Job sites let you apply to dozens of jobs effortlessly.  While your applications may be lower quality, submitting a higher quantity of applications should bring success more quickly.  This lowered success rate is rapidly changing with technological advances.  For example, uses advanced matching technology to connect the right job seeker with the right job opportunities.  With more accurate matching, applicants avoid jobs that are not suited for them, increasing the success rate.

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Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting Tips: #2 - State Employment Offices

Depending on what type of job you are looking for, you may find high success with state employment offices.  The department of labor is there to quickly connect those unemployed to job opportunities.  These jobs tend to be more short term labor jobs than long term careers.  However, if you are looking for any job opportunity to fill on a short notice, the department of labor is a great way to go.  CareerOneStop is a great resource of jobs promoted by the department of labor.

Job Hunting Tips: #3 - Reach out to your Network

Even though many might keep their job status private, making it known that you are looking for a job can open up new opportunities.  Communicating your active job search to your friends and family can create new connections.  Everybody has a limited amount of attention, but letting others know that you are actively looking for a job grants access to their information.  If someone in your network comes across a job opportunity that you’d be great for, they can only let you know if they know you’re looking.
You can start out by just telling your closest friends and family.  This will make a big different over keeping things to yourself.  However, going public on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can greatly expand your reach.  You never know where your next lead may come from.

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Job Hunting Tips: #4 - Local Networking Events.

Like some of the other tips in this article, this tip is more applicable to certain industries than others.  Local events are a great way of expanding your network with professionals in your field.  Meetup is an amazing resource for meeting people with similar interests.  We’ll take the example of a software engineer who is looking for a new job.  On meetup, there are countless of events pertaining to software development including typical networking events as well as hack nights.  Attending these events will introduce you to other local leaders in your industry.
The events you attend do not have to be specific to your industry.  It is important to remember that jobs are not just about one’s ability to do a task, but also about one’s ability to work and communicate effectively.  Finding the right culture fit is just as important as finding the right talent fit.  The software engineer from the example prior can attend ruby on rails meetups, which are great, but they could also benefit from attending meetups to hobbies they actually enjoy.  Even if you’re attending a dog owners meetup, the introductory conversations between dog owners always include “what do you do for a living”.  This is a great opportunity to describe your talents, and mention that you’re looking for a new opportunity.  Chances are, this new contact knows someone in their network who could help out.

Job Hunting Tips: #5 - Polish your skills

As you go through many job descriptions, compare yourself to the ideal candidate.  If these job descriptions require skills that you don’t possess, try and see if you can learn them.  For example, a marketing specialist might see that many jobs require working knowledge of Google AdWords.  If this marketing specialist does not know AdWords, they can familiarize themselves with the platform by watching tutorial videos online.  Google even has a free certification program for AdWords.  In just a couple of weeks, a job seeker could go from not having the skill and not being qualified, to being confident and possessing the certification to prove mastery.

All in all, job seeking can be difficult and tiring.  It may feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  This process should not be as stressful as most make it out to be.  These 5 tips and tricks listed above can vastly improve a job seeker’s chances of finding a job quickly.  With these tips, you can increase efficiency, and get more done with less effort. 


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