Make A Great Impression On Your First Interview


The First Impression Counts... 

The step after filling out online applications and phone interviews is an actual interview face to face.  If you’ve made it this far, you want to make sure you proceed with your best foot forward. You want to make sure you make the best impression possible to show that you’re talented, and that you’re a great fit.  We’ve put together a small list of tricks and tips that can help impress your interviewers.


Showing up on time makes a great first impression

The quickest way to make a bad impression is to be late to a job interview.  Make sure to be there on time. Things don’t always go as planned, sometimes you might miss your bus or there may be some unforeseen circumstances.  It is best to arrive a little early just in case a curve ball is thrown at you in your commute.


first impression, interview dress, interview impression
First Impression Tips - Dress Appropriately 


Dressing Appropriately

The time you arrive is the first thing that is noticed about you, and your appearance is the second.  You want to dress in a way so that somewhat match those who are interviewing you. The important part is to make is seem like you already fit in based on the way you dress.  If you’re going to wear a suit, we have another article talking about the dos and dont’s of dressing for a job interview:



You really want to make sure you come off as confident in your job interview.  Show no signs of nervousness or intimidation. This starts with your handshake.  It is important to have a firm handshake, but make sure to not grip too tight. Then comes eye contact.  When you’re being talked to, and when you’re talking, make sure to make eye contact with your interviewer.  It is okay to naturally glance away here and there, just make solid and genuine eye contact. Lastly comes your speech.  Rehearsing what you’re going to say beforehand greatly helps. Practice helps you avoid stuttering and saying surplus umms or uhhs.


first impression, interview smile, interview impression
First Impression Tips - Smile


Smile - its easy and make a lasting first impression

It is important that you look excited and happy to be at this job interview.  Smiling has all sorts of interview benefits. Not only will you look more approachable, but your speech will sound a lot more energetic.  These are all desirable traits for a new employee. If you’re self conscious about your smile, don’t worry. You don’t have to show teeth, a closed lip smile will work just as well.


Body language

Smiling and body language go hand in hand.  We say many things about ourselves without even opening our mouth.  The objective is to seem as approachable and happy as possible. Make sure to sit up with your back straight.  Slouching can be a sign of tiredness or boredom, both of which we want to avoid. Also avoid crossing your arms.  Crossing your arms makes you seem very unapproachable.


Conclusion: The First Impression Is Something You Control

The first impression is crucial when it comes to meeting new people and finding a new job.  There are several little bits and pieces that contribute to our first impression, many of which we do subconsciously.  Being conscious of these types of things can give you a large advantage when it comes to showing the best version of you.  It is also very important to come of as natural. If smiling or keeping eye contact is foreign to you, it will show. Practicing doing these things in an interview environment will help you come off as more sincere and natural.