Best Night Jobs for Night Owls

Best Night Jobs for Night Owls

Night jobs aren’t for everyone, but some people enjoy working evening hours. According to the 2014 Census, mothers are more likely to choose non-standard schedules for family reasons. Night jobs are often perceived to be filled with low-paying occupations, but this isn’t always the case: emergency room doctors, for example, make an average of $211,508 annually, and there are plenty of other opportunities for professionals to earn a living with a night job.


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Entertainment Night Jobs

People love to go out at night, which means there are loads of shift work jobs available at hotels, casinos, bars, movie theaters and other entertainment and hospitality venues. If you’re a student or retiree looking for part-time work, this is a great place to start.

Professional Late-Night Jobs

Certain careers are suitable for night owls, such as those within police and fire departments, hospitals, manufacturing plants, nursing homes, warehouses and transportation companies. Many of these jobs operate nonstop, so you can request a rotational work schedule.

How Much Can You Make at Night Shift Jobs?

Night job wages vary widely and depend on the occupation type and level of experience. Glassdoor estimates that the average annual salary for a night shift job is $60,232. However, those who have a shift work job, for instance, such as at a gas station or 24-hour restaurant, can expect to make between $10-15/hour. Nurses and doctors make significantly more, and some hospitals provide an hourly differential to boost their hourly rate, enabling them to earn even more from working overnight.

Effects of Shift Work

Night job workers have to develop an alternate sleep schedule that differs from most people. Experts say that adhering to a consistent sleeping routine, even on your days off, is key to staying healthy and well rested. To counteract potentially unhealthy eating habits that can sometimes develop among night shift workers, keep lots of healthy snacks on hand, such as yogurt, mixed nuts or granola bars.

Many careers for night owls are available in many industries and professional fields. Just remember to keep a steady sleep schedule and take good care of yourself.