Shadiest Neighborhoods of the Internet

Symantec Blue Coat's Findings About TLD Security

With so many new Top Level Domains (TLDs) sprouting left and right, Blue Coat Systems performed research to identify which are the safest and least safe TLDs - rating TLD security. Blue Coat analyzed hundreds of millions of web requests to create their rankings.

When conducting their research, Blue Coat deemed a website unsafe if it conducted malicious activity. Examples of malicious activity include spamming, spamming, potentially unwanted software, malware, botnets, and phishing. If a website included some malicious activity, then it was categorized as "shady". If none of this malicious activity was identifies, then it was categorized as "non-shady".

The top 10 TLDs for shady websites, in order, are .zip, .review, .country, .kim, .cricket, .science, .work, .party, .gq, .link. Every one of these TLDs has over 95% of all their websites categorized as shady. The most safe TLDs, in order, are .mil, .jobs, .ck, .church, .gov, .gi, .tel, .kw, .london, .jp.

The Web's "Safest" neighborhoods

All in all, we are very pleased that .jobs ranked as the second safest TLD on the internet. There is a lot of sensitive information associated with job-searching, so it is important to maintain a high level of security. Part of our mission is for job seekers to feel safe while visiting .jobs websites in their search. We would love to be #1, but the military is pretty hard to beat in terms of security, so we'll gladly take the second place spot right behind them.\