The Best Day Of The Week To Apply For A Job


Best Day To Apply


The best day to apply for a job is not Saturday. In fact its not during the weekend at all. 

Does anyone actually like Mondays? When it comes to job search you should start loving Monday.


A study has found that applicants were more likely to progress through the hiring process - meaning, get called for an interview - when they send their resume on a Monday. This is opposed to any other day. The best day to apply is Monday, sounds odd but its very true. 


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This data is from more than half a million job submissions. Turns out that almost one in every three people that apply on a Monday had a result of moving forward in the hiring process. The worst day of the week you ask? It was Saturday. About 14% of applicants moved forward with the hiring process when they submitted resumes on a Saturday.


Why does this occur? There is not a direct known reason but we can make an educated guess. The reason is that the job applications that come in on a Monday are fresh. When the hiring manager or individual assigned to reviewing candidates comes in on Monday - those that are at the top of the pile (or inbox) get reviewed more often. The rest of the resumes unfortunately start to collect dust.


Your job search should include more than simply manipulating your application submission time, but it is still a leg up. Regardless of what day in the week you choose to apply - try and avoid Saturday, you should still be prepared to rock in the interview. Make sure that you are prepared to answer these interview questions when you get called in.

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