Using Linkedin In Your Job search


Linkedin Job Search

In the last 15 years, LinkedIn has revolutionized the way people do their networking.  It serves as a great platform to interact with other people on a professional level.  No other website has built a community where professionals from different industries and companies openly interact with each other.  This being said, it can be a very powerful tool for networking and job search research. Linkedin job search is more than just applying to openings you may find on the site. 

Reaching out to people you know at target companies

Once you establish what companies you will be targeting in your job search, you can start seeing if you have any connection to anyone who currently works there.  Click on the company profile, then click on employees, and see if you have any first or second degree connections.  If there is anyone you feel comfortable reaching out to, do it.  Getting their advice, or perhaps referral, can give you a great advantage in the process.

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Connect with employees at the target companies

If you do not know anyone at your target company, try reaching out to recruiters or hiring managers and express your interest.  Tell them that you’re interested in the position and that you’re looking to learn more.  Many times, this will lead to a phone screening or interview.

Announce your job search publicly

If you have left your previous job, just go ahead and announce your job search on LinkedIn.  You never know when one of your connections might be trying to fill a role you’d be perfect for.  The more people that know you are actively looking for new opportunities, the more opportunities will make their way to you.  People will generally be very supportive when you announce your job search. A linkedin job search that includes the announcement of you being an active job seeker generally provides great returns. 

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Optimize your profile for search

Linkedin is not just great for finding new opportunities, but it is also a great place to be found!  Your profile “headline” is a very important part of your discovery.  The headline is what people see when they conduct a search on linkedin.  Make sure that your headline provides information about who you are, what you do, and that it entices clicks.

Besides the headline, also make sure that you are being endorsed for the skills you want to be highlighted on your profile.  If you do not have any endorsements, ask friends or former coworkers to give you some.  You can give them endorsements back in return.

I will also help to receive “recommendations” on your profile.  Having written testimonials of former coworkers regarding your skills and expertise will make a huge difference when hiring managers are deciding to continue conversation with you.

Apply to jobs listed on LinkedIn job search

Linkedin also hosts thousands of job listings everywhere around the world.  Some of these listings link out to the company’s own website while others use something called “LinkedIn easy apply”.  The Easy Apply jobs are LinkedIn’s one click apply, which takes less than 5 seconds to complete.  If you see any job listing you like with the Easy Apply feature, go ahead and apply.  The worst case scenario is that you will never hear from them and the best case is that you get a new job.  Most of the time you will never hear back, but that’s alright since it only took 5 seconds to apply.

Consider upgrading to LinkedIn Premium

Linkedin provides great additional resources for those who pay for their premium service.  Linkedin even has a premium service called “job seeker premium”.  LinkedIn premium also helps you with job applications on LinkedIn.  You application is automatically placed at the top, increasing the chance of it being looked at.  You also unlock extra data and information regarding the job and other applicants.  LinkedIn lets you know how well you stack up against other applicants.

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Engage in conversations and discussions

Join some groups, comment on some posts, be active on LinkedIn.  The more active you are, the more opportunities there will be for people to see your activity and click on your profile.  Some people might really like what you have to say and connect with you.  Be nice to others and others will be nice in return.

All in all, LinkedIn has turned into an incredibly powerful social network for professionals.  It is used for a variety of things.  Many people use it for sales prospecting while others are finding new career opportunities on the site.  Learning how LinkedIn works and optimizing your time on there can really make a difference. As you make great connections make sure that you manage your resume contact information appropriately.