What Not To Include In Your Resume

What Not To Include In Your Resume

Many resources will tell you what should be included in a resume, but it is just as important to know what not to include.  Oftentimes, recruiters will receive dozens or hundreds of applications for a single job, and including certain things might get your application thrown out.  We have put together a list of 3 things of what not include in your resume

Your Headshot

We're not sure where this trend started, but photos of yourself should not be included in your resume.  There are a couple situations such as modeling agency or acting roles that may require photos of yourself.  However, unless your application explicitly asks for your picture, it should not be included.  Many companies will prefer applications without pictures in an attempt to abide by equal opportunity employment legislation.  Adding a picture of yourself does not strengthen your resume and will often get your application thrown out completely.

Unnecessary Personal Information

For whatever reason, some job applicants try to include as many personal details in their resume as possible.  However, you should only include the bare minimum required for your application.  Typically, the required information is full name, email address, phone number, and sometimes home address.  Other details such as birth date, gender, sexual orientation, and religion are not necessary and should not be included in your resume

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Having spelling and grammar errors in your resume is an easy way to have your application thrown out.  Some recruiters are pickier than others, but you should aim to satisfy all of them by having a grammatically impeccable resume.  You should get in the habit if reading your resume several times over looking for any errors.  You should also have your friends and family look through it, as they may find mistakes that you did not pick up on.  Correcting spelling and grammatical errors is the easiest way to increase your success rate when applying for jobs.

All in all, job seekers frequently include things in their resume that are not seen in a positive manner.  By eliminating the taboo items mentioned above, one can greatly increase their chance of getting to a first round interview.  We hope you now have a clearer image of what not to include in your resume!