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We own .JOBS

Literally. We own it.
Find.Jobs is our flagship property, but we are the "top-Level-Domain" (TLD) owner.

This creates advantages for both job seekers and recruiters.



Accurate Searching

Giving you access to millions of jobs isn't enough. You have to be able to search through those jobs effectively.

Our advanced searching pinpoints the best jobs matching your search criteria.



Our Hiring Mission

Connect people with the right job at the right time. Make it easy and effective to search, apply and hire.

We work everyday to build technology that allows people to find jobs better.



Looking for tips and resources for job seekers and employers?

Check out our career and resources page.



Search Jobs Safely

Symantec + Blue Coat

"The Web's Safest Neighborhoods"

Out of hundreds of TLDs, Symantec's Blue Shield ranks .jobs as the 2nd safest behind .mil and safer than .gov.
With the lowest rate of malicious websites, you can safely navigate .jobs websites without concern.

#1 .mil

#2 .jobs

#3 .gov

Like options? We do.

Precisely filter through millions of jobs.